ELSEWeb SADI Service Pool

This page provides a brief description of the functionality provided by the service comprising the ELSEWeb SADI service pool. Clicking on the images will provide the formal OWL input/output interface. You can access the code from the ELSEWeb GitHub repository. All the Lifemapper posting services are implemented in Python SADI while the rest are implemented in Java.

Input WCSData Matcher

Using a SPARQL construct query, attached the necessary properties to the scenario data URI's specified in a JSON experiment specification.


WCS Executor

Mint WCS request URLs from RGIS service descriptions. RGIS sevice descriptions are digsted forms of OGC GetCapabilities document.


WCS Response Extractor

Dereferences WCS request URLs and extracts the TIFF payload from the returned multipart MIME responses.


Layer Poster Service

Post TIFF datasets to Lifemapper and saves the returned IDs to be referenced by a scenario.


Layer Contextualizer

Associates a set of posted layers with a scenario.


Scenario Poster Service

Post scenarios (i.e., a bag or posted layers) to Lifemapper and saves the IDs to be referened by an experiment specification.


Scenario Contextualizer

Associates a scenario with a Lifemapper experiment specification, which includes species occurrence data and algorithm selection.


Experiment Poster Service

Posts Lifemapper experiments.